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Since 2019, a climate emergency has been declared in nearly 500 jurisdictions across Canada. Calgary is the only city among the top five most populated cities in the country that hasn’t made this declaration. 

Advocates and policy experts argue that action on climate is beneficial for the future of communities and cities in Canada. Is it time for Calgary to take a serious look at declaring a climate emergency?

"Calgary's Climate Emergency" was produced by Dean Cordero, Noel Harper, Christian Kindrachuk and Zach Worden.


Climate Emergency

Does Calgary need to declare a climate emergency? An overview

Does Calgary need to declare a climate emergency? An overview

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Calgary has enacted two Climate Resilience Strategies since 2018, but has yet to join cities like Edmonton and Vancouver in formally declaring a climate emergency.


Imagine if you had an emergency in your home. You wouldn't be setting a 30-year target to address that emergency.

 - Bistrin Opacic, Glenbrook Community Association - 

Municipalities actually can play a key role in ... just getting stuff done, because that's what municipalities do. They get stuff done.

 - Keith Stewart, Greenpeace - 

The success stories ... the best ones seem to be at the civic level, and municipalities doing something smart.

 - Garry Clarke, University of British Columbia - 

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